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Status Indicator

  • Prototyping of an interactive digital electronic device

  • 4-week design sprint

  • Tools: Illustrator, Premiere, Rhino, Arduino, 3D Printing

The concept of the "status indicator" emerged during the pandemic. Recognizing the challenges I faced while working from home, where occasional disruptions from family members made it difficult to concentrate, I pondered a solution to signify my availability. The idea was to have an indicator to help me stay focused and minimize disturbances.

Site of Use

During the pandemic, some people are forced to work from home. For those who don't want to be disturbed at work, the "status indicator" will help. By pressing the button to indicate "busy" or "free" status to others, you will let other people know your availability.

indicator_studyroom&living room.png
annotation indicator.png

By clicking the button on top to indicate other people your status, the idea is each member will have one device on their desk, by connecting the device, you can indicate your status to others.  A "Red" light signals that you are busy, while a "Green" light indicates your availability. This system is tailored for individuals who wish to concentrate on their work without interruptions. By implementing this approach, it ensures that people won't disturb you when you're focused, thereby enhancing overall work efficiency.

Work Progress and Iterations

Status Display

Control LED status with a button

Wireless Transmitter

Have two status indicators talk to each other

Final Connection

Connect with battery and LED

3D Printing

3D print the final product


Final Demo

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