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Hand in Hand

  • Design of a mobile peripheral and its app

  • 4-week design sprint

  • Tools: 3D Printing, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite

In China, a lot of adults would leave the rural area and go to the city to make money. Their children would remain in the rural area with grandparents or other relatives. This project designs a mobile app and a mobile peripheral device that help connect migrant worker parents and their left-behind children.

Statistical Context


Value Proposal

A pair of simple and wearable devices owned by the kid and the parent would provide a more accessible way to help them connect at any time and any place.

The mobile app of the devices can provide more complex ways to connect, from messaging to gaming together.

Device Sketches


3D Renderings and Printings


UI Concept Sketches

Once the wearable devices are paired, the users can communicate via the devices or the mobile app. While the devices provide more accessible ways to communicate, the users can interact via other channels such as messaging and gaming together.


Final Prototype

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